1922 London. After a whirlwind romance, Betty May, model and muse to the bohemian elite, marries Raoul Loveday, a brooding poet just down from Oxford. But their passionate and tempestuous relationship is soon threatened by a far greater force. When Raoul falls under the influence of the occultist, Aleister Crowley, Betty is forced into a battle of wills for her husband's soul. Their doomed love affair is brought to an abrupt end by Raoul's untimely death under tragic circumstances, and Betty's hollow victory in bringing Crowley down. Screenplay by Ian Sugar, based on Betty May's controversial autobiography.


In the grip of a scorching Spanish summer, a small mountain village called San Cristóbal is on the brink of distinction. The only functioning young man discovers that to save his home, his livelihood and win the girl of his dreams, he will have to place his faith in a rag-tag group of homeless people.  A village comedy from James Rogan's original Spanish language screenplay. 


In the final, uneasy week of peace before the outbreak of the Second World War, a young Sheffield factory worker with a passion for climbing sets off for Snowdonia to make his mark on the mountain. Just when it seems that he has the world at his feet - and the girl of his dreams - his hopes are dashed, only hours before his world is swept away by war. The wild landscape of the Welsh mountains forms the backdrop for this redemptive tale, of a conflicted man struggling to escape his rigid background and the fearful expectations of the inevitable slaughter ahead. Original screenplay by Andrew Sillett.


An ambitious scientist takes extreme measures to prove a powerful hypothesis and is plunged into a battle for control that could cost him everything he holds dear. A psychological thriller set in Berlin in the near future, Stutter is a cautionary tale of choices and their consequences. Based on Richard Sealy's original short film script.


In the midst of the UK's worst recession since the Second World War, a motley crew of unemployed lorry drivers from Lancashire are lured by the offer of lucrative work on the UN aid convoys in Bosnia. Based on the first-hand experiences of war reporter Andrew Sillett in Bosnia in 1992-1993, The Convoy is a timely reminder and examination of the West's troubled attitude to international aid and peace-keeping.  A limited series adapted from Andrew Sillett's original screenplay.